About Us

FindMe.city is the easiest way to share your location.

Move the pin on the map to the desired location you like to share, add additional details that help finding it. Find Me creates a Location Page with this information. Send it to anyone by Email, Message or WhatsApp, share it on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter. The receivers will have all the information they need to find the location easily!

No more getting lost. No need to call or ask for directions at every street corner.

People use Find Me to guide friends to their homes. Delivery services use it to find their destinations. Hotels and restaurants create Location Pages to guide guests their way. Event organizers use it to help attendees find their venue.

Find Me is a web app designed for mobile devices. A version optimized for desktops, as well as Android and iOS apps, are coming soon.

Find Me is especially designed to tackle the problems of areas in Africa and elsewhere in the world that lack a proper address system. Africa loses approximately 34 billion USD a year in lost revenue and other costs, as a result of broken address systems. These problems are about to escalate with the massive growth of urban populations, with new parts of towns and whole new cities emerging at a rapid pace. The mission of Find Me is to provide solutions for these problems.

Find Me has been developed on an Ampion Venture Bus trip by an international team and is operating from Accra/Ghana."

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