How It Works ?
Share a location in just 3 steps and in less than 10 seconds!

1. Determine the location you want to share

Option A: Pin Location on Map

Select "Pin Location on Map" to place the pin on the map at the location you want to share. To have the pin automatically placed at your current location, make sure GPS/Location Services on your device is activated and your browser is allowed to use the GPS location data.

Add additional information, like the closest landmark or directions to the location, to make it even easier to find it. To do that, click on “Add information” below the map.

Option B: Enter Address

Alternatively, select "Enter Address" to simply enter the address of the location you want to share. Type the address in the "Enter a location" field, the auto-fill function will help you. You can also enter the name of a landmark, hotel, restaurant, or other known place.

2. Get your Location Code

Click on “Share Location” below the map.

A Location Code, for example ABC123, is generated for you, and an associated Location Page with the link is created. This page shows a map with the pin of your location, and all additional information you entered.

Optionally, you can replace the generated Location Code with a unique code of your choice. Select "Choose your own code" and enter a code with 3 to 15 characters, containing letters, numbers and any of the special characters "-", "+", ". " or "_". For example, if the location you are sharing is your business, you can enter the name of your business here to be found under

3. Send it

Now you can share your Location Code and the link to your Location Page with the world (or just a friend) by selecting from these options:

- Send an Email
- Send an SMS/text message
- Send a WhatsApp message
- Share the location on your Facebook timeline or page, in a group, or a private message in Facebook Messenger
- Tweet the location on Twitter

For all other cases, you can easily copy the link to your clipboard selecting "Copy Link" and paste it anywhere.

To edit or delete your Location Page, or just to keep a reminder of it, email it to yourself by entering your email address under "Email it to me".

Done! You made it and shared a location super easy and super fast!

Look up the location of a Location Code you received?

1. Enter code

Enter the Location Code under "Look up a Location".

2. Get location information

You will get to the Location Page associated with the code. This page shows a map with the pin of the location, and all additional information the Location Code creator entered.

3. Get directions

To get directions from your current position to the location, select "Open in Maps App for Directions" right below the map. Your preferred Maps App will open and direct you to the location.

Done! You made it and found a location super easy and super fast!

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